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Lawrence Monroe Classic Art captures breathtaking images of people's facial features and their expressions. His stunning artwork portraits, focuses on capturing likeness and face expressions of people.

 My charcoal drawings are 24"x 36" on paper. I am an experienced portrait caricature artist. Most of the drawings on my website are black and white, and some are in color. I am available for drawing portraits at special events ,Corporate parties, Weddings, Family gatherings, and Kid parties.

      I have been drawing ever since I was a kid. I started by copying popular cartoon characters like the Flintstones and Popeye. I've always had fun drawing cartoons. When I was in the first grade, my teacher asked me to draw cartoons on the chalk board, for the kids in my classroom. When I was in middle school, I attended a private Art School Center. The Art School Center had talented kids with impressive art portfolios. Later on when I attended Fremont High School, I did some artwork for a high school counselor who was promoted to Vice Principle, in Oakland California where I was born and raised. I didn't get any recognition, or become a popular student, but I was getting paid cash for it, and I was getting special treatments, I was being excused from my classes. This was going on through my whole years of high school. After I finished high school, I wanted to attend the California College of Arts and Crafts, but my parents said it was too expensive, so I enrolled into Alameda Community College. Years later, when I was attending Laney Community College, one of my painting's was chosen to be exhibited in the Student Gallery Art Show. Private Colleges are a lot more expensive, than Public Colleges. When I was younger, I wanted to join the Military, but I could not get in. When I was 18 years old I attended a full load of art classes At Alameda Community College. One of my Art Instructors was so impressed with my cartoons, he told me to go down to the college newspaper office, and summit my cartoons. The College paid for my classes, but they would not give me a financial Aid check. I needed money, so I had to drop out of College and get a job. I got a job at a Warehouse in San Franscio, unloading trucks, I was laid off months later. They laid off the new workers, and kept old workers. After that, I get a job at Air Ways Airlines, I use to clean planes near the Oakland Airport. I was 19 years old. When I was 21 years old, I got a job at the California Conservation Corps. I was living away from home for the first time. I was stationed at a compound in Woodland, near Reno. I was a Fire Fighter. Five days a week we woke up early mornings,

exercised, took a shower, put on our boots and uninform, and went to breakfast in a restaurant style self serve cafeteria. After breakfast, we got our gear together, made our bag launches, and we got on this bus type of van, and went to our job site. I learned how to chop wood with an axe. Deep down, I knew I would go back to school, It just wasn't the right time. After I got older, and more experienced about life, I wanted to go back to school, so years later at the age of 45, I earned a Bachelor's of Arts Degree from San Francisco State University. When I attended the university, I studied serious work - from anatomy to perspective, from charcoals to oil, from landscapes - proved very valuable later on. My serious work helped my knowledge, techniques and skills I'd learned at the university.

    My artwork has been displayed in two different Art Galleries, and a Company's Corporate Office. On and off through the years, I have sold some of my artwork. I drew 5 minute portraits for $3.00 a head at a banquet ceremony for the E.O.P.S. Program, For which I was one of the grading students earning an Associate Degree in Fine and Applied Arts. My E.O.P.S. Peer Adviser printed copies of my picture and a short bio for the occasion. People was standing in line to get their portraits drawn. That was an exciting experience.

If you would like me to draw portraits of you and your family, go to my contact page and call me or send me an email.

                  Thank you.

My collection of series drawings includes, Legendary Jazz Singers from the Harlem Reminiscence era, Historical African American Leaders, Sports Legends from varies leagues, Iconic Motown Legends, and President Barack Obama's Inauguration. All drawings are, 28" x 40" Original Charcoal drawings on paper.